Titan Pilot Training

As you begin the game you will be in (partial) control, looking out a doorway to the strange planet beyond. A prompt will appear above asking you to initiate the training simulator. Turn it on to begin your training. Look at the red lights and decide your vertical input preferences.



Training module 1: Basic Movement


Once the training sequence starts, you will have to use the left stick to move forwards down the length of the tunnel. Stopping will reset your position to the start of the room so just keep walking to the next room. From here you need to sprint instead (Push in left stick). Next up after that is jumping (A button) over a small barrier. Next is a sprint jump and finally a mantle (jump towards a wall and pull yourself up).


Training module 2: Wall-running


Next up is wall-running (just like prince of persia), Sprint towards the wall with glowing white arrows on it and then jump onto it when you near it. Keep the left stick held in the direction you want to move in and you should be wall-running. Continue across the next pit with the same technique. The longer pit afterwards requires you to chain wall runs (halfway across jump to the opposite wall and continue moving forwards). For the final pit you need to wall-run and then mantle onto the ledge. Do this successfully and the module is complete.



Training module 3: Freeform Wall-running


You will need to use the skills from the previous module here to reach the exit. Wall-run along the left wall over the pit and drop down (or jump to the other side and then jump down) to the ledge on the left. The next pit is a simple wall-run along the left side (no jumps required). Then a similar one along the right wall for another pit. Once again a regular wall-jump will take you across the final pit to the exit beacon.


Training module 4: Double Jump


A series of simple double jump tests (some with sprinting required) encompass this section. The final one requires you to double jump and mantle upwards to reach the exit beacon.


Training module 5: Freeform Double Jump


Head forwards and double jump up on to the tank in the middle of the room. Turn left and double jump up to the catwalk to the left. This connects to a small tunnel and then a large flat panel that you can wall-run straight across to the exit beacon on the other side.


Training module 6: Cloak


Press LB and then sprint straight ahead. Once you are on the other side and your cloak runs out, the force field will drop, giving you access to the exit beacon.


Training module 7: Basic Combat


Move up behind the target and push in the right stick to melee the oblivious soldier. Ow, that looked seriously painful. Afterwards, press Y to bring up your weapon and then press X to load it. This weapon is called a "smart pistol," and has the ability to lock on to enemies for quick and perfectly accurate kills. The only drawback is the time it takes to lock onto a target. Aim the pistol roughly towards the grunt and it should quickly lock on. Pull the trigger to move forwards. In the next room are four enemies below, simple targets for your smart pistol. Lock onto all four and pull the trigger. Drop down behind the next enemy (a pilot, also known as a real human player in this game), and lock on three times before firing. Head towards the exit beacon.



Training module 8: Firing Range


Swap to your rifle with the Y button. The rifle is a lot more like the regular weapons from Call of Duty or Battlefield. Fully automatic with sight aiming (hold LT). Aim for headshots and short bursts to keep your accuracy high. If you manage to finish off all the targets without reloading a little congratulatory message will sound.


Training module 9: Grenade Range


You will be standing in front of a set of four light blue windows. Press RB to throw your grenades into the windows. They do arc slightly so remember to adjust your aim upwards depending on the distance. If you get all four in without a miss you will get another congratulatory message.


Training module 10: Pilot Combat Scenario


The next task is to eliminate all the enemies on the map (they will appear as orange dots. With your superior position and smart gun, staying out of sight and picking them apart should be no hassle. You could drop down to finish off any enemies. But shortly after you do, a titan will drop down and you will need to use your new anti-titan sidewinder (press left on the D-pad) and open fire. Death is disabled during this short fight so just hammer away at it until it's health is gone. When the green line with diagonal bars across it appears it means it is doomed and you can just wait for it to explode.


Once the titan has spread itself across the local area, you will get to call in your own. Aim where you want the titan to drop and press down on the D-pad. After a few seconds the titan will fall from the sky and you can approach it to mount up by holding X. You will then be tasked with using your primary weapon to defeat a force of drop pod enemy grunts. Use your rockets or dash (A) to ram into and explode them.



Training module 11: Titan Dash


You will now be taught how to maneuver in a titan. Pressing A will make your titan dash, this can only be done a limited number of times in quick succession (shown by the bar in the center at the bottom of the screen. Dash forwards, left, right and then back to open the force field. A flame test will be between you and the exit. Move forwards until you near the alcoves to the side and then race forwards and dash into them to avoid the incoming rockets. After the second time, enter the exit beacon at the end of the hall.


Training module 12: Titan Vortex Shield


Next up is the vortex shield, which blocks and can deflect bullets towards enemies. Press and hold LB to activate it and then walk up the hallway, collecting bullets as you go. As you near the enemy titan, press LB again to release the shield and the bullets along with it. The enemy titan should explode. Head into the now open exit beacon.


Training module 13: Titan AI control


You can actually control your titan's behaviour when you are not inside. Jump out of your titan by holding X and walk up the ramp to the control room. Inside, hack the panel by holding the X button. Once this is done you can switch your titan to 'follow' mode by pressing down on the D-pad. Head through the now open exit on the right side of the room and hop in the titan once more. Head into the next room and into the exit beacon within.


Training module 14: Titan Combat Scenario


You will be introduced to your secondary weapons here. The rocket salvo fires directly at where you point it (no homing capabilities) but when well aimed can do nice additional damage to an enemy titan and lethal damage to pilots. Fire off a salvo by pressing RB. You will now be tasked with surviving as long as possible against increasinglt competent enemy titans. Once you eventually fall, the simulation will end.



Back on the ship, you will be approaching the frontier.

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