Titan - Tier 1 Kit



Kit Advice:


* Damages all enemies in a large radius upon destruction

* Useful for killing nearby unsuspecting pilots

* A good ability when being used as an auto-titan as it can damage or destroy complacent enemies

* Explosion doesn't damage you


Overall: A nice early kit to take that inflicts significant damage (and kills pilots instantly) to anything in the blast radius. This can be combined with an auto titan and a guardian chip to create a remote bomber against enemy titans. Handy to have as a default if you don't need to use the other kits.





Kit Advice:


* Increases shield regeneration speed

* Improves your survivability in titan combat

* Works well with ogre chassis auto-titans

* Combine this with the ogre chassis and core ability for impressive results


Overall: Just like having a shield boost in any other game, quicker regenerating shields means you recover quicker in combat and can be more aggressive in taking down enemies. Pair this with the ogre chassis for the best results.



FAST AUTOLOADER (unlocks at level 14)


Kit Advice:


* Replenishes your ordnance faster

* Fire missiles more often

* What else is there to say?


Overall: Allows you to fire missiles more often due to a faster reload speed. This can make engagements with enemy titans much easier (with the right missiles selected). Ambushing enemies with rapidly reloading multi-missile systems can be quite effective.



DASH QUICKCHARGER (unlocks at level 38)


Kit Advice:


* Replenishes your dash bar quicker

* Slightly redundant with the stryder chassis core ability

* May be useful for the ogre chassis due to it's single dash bar

* More quick movement, more survivability


Overall: For players who like to keep on the move in a titan, this should suit you down to the ground. Depends vastly on play style if this is useful to you at all though. If not, just grab another kit instead.



TACTICAL REACTOR (unlocks at level 46)


Kit Advice:


* Charges your titan's tactical ability faster

* Very useful for defensive players or those that like using the vortex shield often

* Can also be handy for aggressive players as it allows you to charge into opponents to melee them (works well with the big punch kit)


Overall: Can be used by either type of player in different ways. Try it out and see if it suits your play style. A nice kit to have to increase your survivability in combat.



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