Titan - Tier 2 Kit



Kit Advice:


* The auto eject and cloaking can be a life saver instead of trying to eject manually and uncloaked

* Prevents execution attacks

* Allows you to drop onto a nearby roof or rodeo the titan that killed you

* Prevents you completing the manual eject challenges


Overall: Very handy for beginning players who are against experienced ones, as most experienced players will try to immediately execute your titan once it is doomed (instantly killing you). This allows you to escape or better yet, retaliate.





Kit Advice:


* Great for auto-titans

* Allows you to continue fighting after being doomed for longer

* Extends your vulnerability to executions

* Gives you more time to eject (if you find it problematic)


Overall: Useful if you intend to use an auto-titan exclusively but less handy when you are in control as it just prolongs the period that you are vulnerable to executions from enemy titans.



CORE EXTENDER (unlocks at level 23)


Kit Advice:


* Extends a titan's chassis core ability duration

* Handy for any type of chassis

* Nuff' said


Overall: This one can be useful if you intend to pilot your titan (less useful for auto-titan enthusiasts). Extended shields for the ogre or longer infinite dash for the stryder chassis can change the outcome of a confrontation.



BIG PUNCH (unlocks at level 41)


Kit Advice:


* Increases the damage of your melee attacks significantly

* Works brilliantly with terminations (executing enemy pilots)

* Combines well with aggressive play in titan combat


Overall: Useful for close range and aggressive combat in a titan. It is always great to have equipped for titan combat if you don't want to use one of the other kits.



CORE ACCELERATOR (unlocks at level 47)


Kit Advice:


* Charges your core ability faster

* If you use the core ability often, it may be worth using

* Otherwise you can safely ignore this kit


Overall: Works well with the core extender kit and reward cards that allow you to start with a full charge. If you don't use it often, the other kits may hold more appeal.



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