A Pit Of Paranoia

Mission 02: A Pit Of Paranoia




Note: Before triggering the mission, you may want to buy a grenade launcher to make it much easier.


Objective: Tail the helicopter


Hop on the nearby bike and chase after the flying target. The chase isn't particularly difficult (unless you stack it and end up in a bush somewhere). The chase ends when the helicopter hovers over a caravan park.



Objective: Hack the chopper to find 2 security chiefs. stay undetected


Get near enough to the helicopter to take control of the camera on it. The first security chief is near the cliff on the far side of the park, standing next to a car. The second is closer to the access road to the left of the helicopter's position where several large trees make visibility difficult. After locating both security chiefs (and profiling as many guards as you can) it's time for action.



Objective: Take down both blume security chiefs


Two points here before we begin: You don't need to stay undetected anymore (although it can make this section easier) and you can kill the chiefs without failing the mission. There are multiple enforcers, a helicopter and large numbers of elite, veteran and regular guards here so be very careful about getting into a firefight unprepared.


The first security chief you target should be the one closer to the road (as taking down a chief triggers a checkpoint) and reaching him undetected is relatively easy. Quickly take out the helicopter (grenade launcher or sniper rifle) and head back towards the main road to safety.



The second one on the other hand can be a real pain. As soon as you alert him, he will jump in the car he is standing next to and smash through the white fence, tearing away down the road leading to a chase sequence. There are a couple of good ways to prevent this. Setting up IEDs on the road out of the camp to the west or just approaching the white fence he is standing behind and blasting the fence and his car with a grenade launcher if you have one (watch the video to see how easy this makes things).



Objective: Hack the security chief's blume id


Quickly hack the Blume id and hop in a car to get out of there (enforcers are likely converging on your position).


If he does manage to escape, you will have to quickly jump in the nearby car and give chase. The downside of this is that there are few neutralize points here, making disposing of the following enemies difficult. Ram the chief's car and dispose of him as quickly as you can (grabbing the Blume id as you go). Once you do, it's time to lose your pursuers.


Objective: Kill all militia members or escape


You may want to lead them towards the city, if only to find more neutralize opportunities. Another approach is to jump into the water all around this area and evade them by swimming around the lakes (enemies will only spawn on roads, so you can control enemy spawn positions to escape the search area - see the video to watch how this is done). After you get out of there successfully the mission will end.


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