Act 3 - Hope Is A Sad Thing

ACT 3 - Mission 01: Hope Is A Sad Thing




Objective: Locate a guard with the access code


Been a little while since Aiden had to take control of a ctos control center, so time to do it again. Swim to the marker on the island and take cover after you climb out of the water. Due to the small area and decent amount of guards, total stealth is impractical as you will most likely be spotted infiltrating the network. It is generally easier and faster to pick off or plain wipe out the guards here and simply interact with the access panel. The guard who has the access code can be found on the south side of the area near the small hut used as a lookout post be enemy forces.


Objective: Download the access code


Hack the phone of the guard to retrieve the code


Objective: Hack the ctos server


Once the coast is clear, head for the marker on the map to find the access panel and play a game of pipe dream to enter the server room. Hack into the server and the ctos control center will be yours. Now that that diversion is over, a new marker will appear on the map showing the start of the mission proper. Drive to it to start the actual mission.


Objective: Hack the marina computer to find Kenny


Approach the marker on the nearby house and hack the computer through the window. Turns out the security is a little better than Aiden suspected and access will be denied.


Objective: Use the profiler to find the reset code


The computer changed it's password and sent it to one of the marina's employees. Aiden will have to walk around the small area trying to locate the correct employee and retrieve the password information. Look at the ends of the jetties in the area to find two employees (the second one with the code) and return to the computer.



Objective: Enter the new password in the marina computer


Have Aiden try again and this time he will be successful. Turns out the signal is being bounced through a nearby ctos tower, so it's time to start investigating.


Objective: Infiltrate the ctos tower


Drive up to the tower area and jump to the camera in the middle of the area looking at the mesh gate. Next to it is the access panel you need to unlock to get inside. You will need to be using the camera on the south dish tower and will need to use the antennae to rotate the dish and move close enough to unlock it.


Objective: Activate the station to access data


Now the gate is unlocked, Aiden can head inside. Head for the marker on the map (should be down a small set of stairs nearby). A mesh gate will block your path, but Aiden can take control of the camera behind the mesh door. From this point of view, you can use the nearby access panel to reach another shaft and unlock the access panel beyond. That's all you can do down here for now.


Head back up to ground level and take control of the camera on the southern dish again (the one you unlocked the entry gate with). You should be able to see the nearby building with an access panel on top of it to activate (if not, use the antennae to rotate the dish to see it). This controls the gate to the rear of the building.



Head through the gap in the fence to the south (head outside the mesh fenced area to reach the back of the building you just unlocked the access panel on) to find a mesh gate that is now unlocked. Climb up the ladder beyond to reach the roof of the building and climb the nearby stairs.


You will need to activate the antennae a couple of times, using the dishes as a bridge to reach a lift on the other side. Raise the lift and jump down into it before lowering it to the ground floor. When you are at ground level again, hop out of the lift and enter the nearby descending stairs. This mesh gate should be open (you unlocked it earlier in the previous camera tunnel sequence).


To your left inside you should spot an explode prompt, do so and the mesh gate blocking your path will be destroyed (there is an audio log at the other end of the corridor behind you if you want to pick it up). When you detonate the explosion, get out of the way as it causes a chain reaction along the corridor that can inflict some damage.


When the corridor is safe to enter, head through the now destroyed mesh gate to find another access panel to unlock. This final panel controls the gate at the objective markers location, so head back there and enter the now unlocked mesh gate. Inside is the control panel for the ctos tower you can finally use to power up the facility (phew...).


Objective: Look for Ray Kenney at Jay's bar


After picking up some info from the control tower, it's time to head back into town to the bar. Hop back on your set of wheels and head for the marker. When you enter the bar, a cut-scene will take over which results in a drinking battle. Line up the large circle over the images of the face buttons on the screen as quick as possible and press them one by one before time runs out. Repeat this a few times and cut-scene will resume once more.



Objective: Follow T-Bone


After the altercation ends and you are once again in control of Aiden, T-Bone will lead you around his little slice of paradise. Follow along behind him, looking at his "modern art."


Objective: Activate T-Bone's trap


When he asks you, trigger the trap and begin following T-Bone again.


Objective: Follow T-Bone


After a little more walk and talk, T-Bone will finally get to the point.


Objective: Steal back T-Bone's truck


The militia have stolen T-Bone's truck and it's Aiden's job to get it back. Grab the nearby rifle if you need it and head for the new marker on the map (you may want to find some wheels on the way to make the journey quicker). You will want to eliminate all the enemies in the militia base for two reasons: getting in the truck leaves you very open and vulnerable and when you do, heaps of reinforcements arrive.


This means the less enemies when you enter the truck, the better. Move through the base, taking out enemies (they are mostly regular troops and veterans, so head-shots with the silenced pistol work well). When the base is clear, enter the truck and head for the marker on the map (T-Bone's trap and drop off point).


Floor it for the trap and neutralize any enemies you can on the way. When you arrive at the trap, time it so it attacks any following cars. Then drop off the van at the marker and take cover to deal with any remaining enemy forces.



Objective: Kill all militia members or escape


Grab your best weapon and finish them off (far easier than trying to escape) to finish the mission. Finally.


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