Mission 10: Breadcrumbs




Objective: Track the auction briefcase and watch for hand-offs


This sequence is pretty simple really, follow the marked men without getting too close. After several case hand-offs in the area, the case carrier will hop on a boat and gun the engine.



Objective: Tail the boat carrying the briefcase


When he does, jump on one of the nearby motorbikes and give chase. Follow the riverside walkways until you reach the marina. Stick to the path right next to the water's edge until the marker stops moving.



Objective: Locate the briefcase unseen


Hop off your bike and take note of the newly appeared restricted area with guards patrolling around. Leap into the water and head for the outcrop on the west side of the platform. You should be able to climb up out of the water here unseen despite the high light levels.



Objective: Infiltrate the marina to get the briefcase


When the patrolling guards move to opposite ends, take them down as quickly as you can with surprise glomps or your silenced pistol. You should only have to kill three or four enemies to reach the marker. Grab the briefcase as quickly as you can (Aiden takes a few seconds).



Objective: Escape the marina


Head back the way you came and leave the search area to finish the level.


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