Grandma's Bulldog

Mission 07: Grandma's Bulldog




Objective: Connect remotely to rossi-fremont


Fast travel back to the bunker and head inside. As Aiden enters, a cut-scene will take over. After the cut-scene, head over to the nearby desk to patch in.



Objective: Track the source of Damien's ip address


What follows is one long sequence of camera hopping with several pipe dream puzzles. Aiden's viewpoint starts off in a room staring directly at another camera. Take control of it and interact with the access panel behind the counter. First pipe dream puzzle, away! After completing it, Aiden's viewpoint will be in a new room with an audio log on a ledge just in front of you. On the other side of the room is an elevator that you can open up. Inside is a new camera to take over.



Activate the elevator and ride it to a new level. Take control of the camera you can see from here. From here, you should be able to see guards patrolling on the upper level. Take control of the hidden camera on the patrolling guard next to the metal fence and stay on him until he turns into the corridor with the objective marker in it. Hack into the marked access panel to play a second game of pipe dream and go to a new area.


From this viewpoint, you should be able to see a camera straight ahead and another to your left. Take control of the one straight ahead and then look up and through the hole in the ceiling to spot another camera. Taking control of this one will get you to the floor above. Another audio log will be sitting on the floor here if you want to grab it. Hack into the camera on the laptop below you and then into the camera through the open door.



From here, follow the camera trail down the hallway and hack the access panel at the end for another pipe dream puzzle. Afterwards, an audio log will be in front of your new point of view. A camera will also be visible on the opposite wall, take control of it for a view. Another camera will be visible to the left of the one you were just using, so take control of it and use it to take over the camera in the blue hallway.


A patrolling guard with a hidden camera is your key to the access panel, so hop onto it. He will walk into a security room, so use the opportunity to grab a camera in here. Control the camera through the broken wall to find a final camera and the end of the line. You will trigger an in camera cut-scene and disconnect with a new plan. After this, the mission is over. That was a hell of a long objective.



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