In Plain Sight

Mission 02: In Plain Sight




Note: Stockpile some jam coms items before starting this mission as if the police succeed in scanning you, this mission can get ugly. Taking the burst steam pipe skill at this point can also make the chase in this mission much shorter and less likely to cause police scanning. It's worth picking up if you haven't already.


Objective: Take out the fixer


After having a little chat with Damien the whole area will be on the lookout for Aiden. Dodge the nearby people and get to a car as quick as you can to avoid detection and a police chase. After a few seconds, the above objective will flash up and it's time to find us a fixer. He should be in a street nearby.



Follow the map to the marker and as the van takes off, trail him until he runs over the nearby steam vent and neutralize him. If you don't have that skill, you will need to finish the chase the old fashioned way. Ram the van, use neutralize markers when you can and bring it to a stop before taking out the driver.



Objective: Escape the police


As soon as you take down the van, a police scan of the area will be initiated. Make sure the driver of the van is dead and quickly hop back in your car. Those stockpiled jam coms are your ticket to freedom here. Floor it to evade the scans and get out of the search area, using the jam coms when your detection level gets too high. With luck you should avoid a police pursuit.



If you don't manage it, it will be a normal level four pursuit. Meaning SUVs, a helicopter, spike strips and so on. By now you should be used to dealing with these and it's good practice for the final mission (sigh... the final mission). Evade the police successfully to complete the mission.

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