Planting A Bug

Mission 14: Planting A Bug




Objective: Get into position and contact Bedbug


From the starting position of the mission, Aiden will have to travel to a nearby restricted area and deal with the four guards inside (use stealth and take-downs or a silenced pistol to bring them down quickly and easily). After that is out of the way, hack the access panel near the objective marker and head into the room full of ATMs. Once Aiden is inside a new objective will trigger.



Objective: Guide Bedbug to Iraq's locked server room


Ah, now this is one of those times that the game can become challenging and frustrating in equal measure. Moving Bedbug can be an arduous task as if he is seen you return to the previous checkpoint. To start with, before moving Bedbug at all, look through the cameras and observe the path he has to travel before trying to move him through it. Return to the camera overlooking Bedbug when you are ready to move him.


First of all, wait until the patrolling gang member enters the alcove filled with monitors and then quickly move Bedbug to the cover at the other end of the hall. Change to the camera at the other end and have him take cover out of sight behind the boxes here. You should have enough time to complete the movement before the gang member emerges from the alcove.


When the gang member patrolling the hall is looking away again, have Bedbug sprint through the doorway and take cover behind the broken section of wall. Then use the laptop camera to jump into the the camera in the next room, overlooking Bedbug's new location. Essentially you want to move Bedbug straight ahead behind the crates and then around the corner into the hallway at the far end of the room without him being spotted.



You will need to wait until the closest guard moves away (looking at the wall) and then distract the further away guard while quickly moving Bedbug around the cover and into the new hallway. Getting him into the hallway is enough as a checkpoint should trigger as he enters (even if he is killed). 


Jump to the camera in the hallway and move him behind the cover there as quickly as you can. Move him carefully up the hallway (avoiding the sight of the guard patrolling in the office at the end of the hallway). When you get him close, take control of the camera inside the office and close the shutters.


This will block line of sight for the guard, but lure him towards the shutters. On a bench underneath the camera is a phone you can then use to distract the guard. When it works, move Bedbug quickly through the hole in the wall to the left and around the corner out of sight.


Jump from camera to camera up this new hallway, moving Bedbug along and you should reach a room entrance with an access panel. Unlock the access panel and take control of the hidden camera on Bedbug. Bedbug will walk into the next room, allowing you to hack (and play pipe dream) the access panel inside. After a little more walking, you will finally be inside the entrance to the locked server room but another access panel on the left wall will block your path.


Objective: Unlock the server room for Bedbug


Hack into it and play another game of pipe dream to reach the camera inside the server room. Hack the access panel next to the door to let Bedbug inside and then watch as he attempts to retrieve the data. Watch the cut-scene that plays out and you will be back in control of Aiden.



Objective: Escape the viceroys


Just as well we took out the four enemies outside as a whole additional heap of enemies is waiting outside for Aiden to emerge. Quickly hop in a nearby car and hightail it out of there. Use your neutralize abilities to thin out the pursuers numbers and after taking them all out and leaving the search area, the mission will end.



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