Role Model

Mission 13: Role Model




Objective: Eliminate all enemies


Wow, straight to business then. Don't need to worry about access codes or not killing certain people for once. You may want to use the cameras to disable enemies who can call in reinforcements though if you have the skill before wreaking havoc. Having the exploding steam pipe skill at this point is also quite helpful when dealing with enemy reinforcements (they like to arrive over the top of steam pipes).


When you are ready, start picking off the lone stragglers on the ground level (using silenced pistol for grunts and veterans, take-downs for elites). By this point Aiden should have some decent weaponry and be tearing through anything that isn't an enforcer, so mop up the area for a new objective to appear.



Objective: Defend against reinforcements


This is where the steam pipe rupture ability pays off if you have it. You may have noticed during the little cinematic that the reinforcement cars traveled over a steam pipe. As soon as you regain control, locate the cars and detonate the pipe. This should take out multiple enemies at once, thinning the enemy ranks quickly. If you don't have the skill, head to the second level of the building (if you aren't there already and use your superior location to rain down withering fire on the enemies below (and possibly some explosives).



Objective: Find Jackson


Head to the top floor now that the coast is clear to find an access panel to hack. Head through the door towards the marker and a cut-scene will take over. After it ends, so will the mission.



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