The Rat's Lair

Mission 03: The Rat's Lair




Objective: Use the profiler to find an access point


Head across the road to the north-east to find the access panel you need.


Objective: Connect to T-Bone


A single pipe dream puzzle stands between you and the camera feed to Defalt's lair. Solve it and watch T-Bone make an ass of the fixers.



Objective: Lead T-Bone to safety


Now, this isn't like the other "lead" missions. You don't have to move T-Bone. In fact you can go up guns blazing if you want. But since nearly every enemy is standing still, it is far easier to eliminate them one by one with take-downs. This leaves the area clear and lets T-Bone escape easily. If you do decide to go in shooting, make sure you take very good cover as there are quite a few enemies and they like flanking (and moving you around with explosives).



Objective: Kill all fixers or escape


Once again, you get to chose how to deal with the fixer problem. If you still have a few explosives, you may just want to hunker down and kill the arriving fixers. Otherwise, hop in a car and use your neutralize opportunities to take out the pursuit. Once the fixer problem is handled, the level will end.



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