Precious Bonds (Side Quest)

Precious Bonds (Side Quest)

This vaguely Tolkeinish sidequest kicks off in Giza.

There is a prisoner in the Khufu Temple Hideout. Clear the guards (see our guide page on the Khufu Temple Hideout), and free this captive.

Carry him out of the camp and set him down once clear.

Talk to him, then ride along to his current abode, the Eastern Cemetary (sic) Mastaba

Talk to the former captive and his brother for word of a third brother, holding a treasure and taken captive to the south.

Following this trail will take you to the Khentkawes Hideout.

See Khentkawes Hideout Guide in the Giza section for notes on clearing it. The missing brother can be found in a cage inside the central structure- there's a convenient entry on the west side.

As with his brother, you'll want to open the cage and carry him out of camp.

Put him down and follow the trail to the Hemon Mastaba.

There are only three guards, if you haven't killed them already. Find the last brother dead inside the structure's sole room.

Use Senu to ID the larcenous hyena, and hunt it down.

Confirm the kill to get the coveted ring.

Return to the scavengers and chat a bit. You'll then have a choice of which brother to give it to.

It doesn't matter who you choose- Bayek will turn it into a toss-up, where all three scrabble after the precious. When the scene ends, so does the mission.

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